MOOC Reviews

Though this will come as an afterthought, here is a personal resolution for the financial year 2016-2017:

I will be participating in 3 different MOOCs in 3 different platforms (FutureLearn, edX and Coursera) and blog about my course experience.

There are three main reasons why I have decided to do this: More


Why this Blog?

I do have a blogger id to muse random thoughts. But then why have a separate wordpress blog? There are 2…mmm…3…mmm.. well, some reasons for this.

  • Well for starters, after the detachment from facebook I am not having options to share interesting ideas and receive feedbacks. I am hoping that this blog will fill that void.
  • Secondly I need myself to spend some quality time reading and writing about my research interest. Even though bit late, I am now finding interesting articles on critical issues and topics related to my interest more often.Hence this blog to share my thoughts and views on many of those topics.
  • Thirdly, I need to learn self-organization. A hard thing which can only come through practice. If I can set aside half an hour daily for this blog, and organize it well, I am in due course for a happily ever after scenario.
  • Fourth and most important, I need some diversion from regular academic work to improve my writing skills. With the official “Write”-up for this blog I think I will be able to satisfy this requirement.

The title may suggest that its my thoughts, but I am pretty sure that it will what I think of others thoughts which will come into many of the blogs to follow.