MOOC Reviews

Though this will come as an afterthought, here is a personal resolution for the financial year 2016-2017:

I will be participating in 3 different MOOCs in 3 different platforms (FutureLearn, edX and Coursera) and blog about my course experience.

There are three main reasons why I have decided to do this:

  1. The blogs will be a record of my thoughts about the MOOC and possible ideas that I can borrow from it.
  2. Ensure that I get something worthwhile by attending the course.
  3. It will ensure that I develop the habit of  articulation rather than random musing.

After my IITBx experience, this exercise seems even more relevant as MOOCs present one brilliant future for democratization of education. So any thoughts of developing my TELeaPT should essentially factor in the use of MOOCs to complement the pedagogy training and social interactions.

As of now the plan is to spend 1 hour a week for the blog (after all the mandatory activities of the course) and reflect on the various aspects of the course. The following should be the main focus questions for the reflection – What the week was about?, Why is it relevant for me?, What are some action points coming out of this week?, Comments on the specific activity/resource? and, What would my RS.ET community gain from this weeks activity?

This exercise would also allow me to experiment with the various features of WordPress before I start to use PEARLS blog ( sometime towards the end of 2016).


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